Committee saxes and Dick Stabile stencils

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Committee saxes and Dick Stabile stencils

Post by Jazz Paladin » Sat Nov 21, 2020 7:00 pm

How many peeps here have tried the old committee line of saxes or their stencils?

I have had a Dick Stabile tenor and a searchlight / committee 1 alto for a year or so now, which I researched a bit looking for saxes with a dark sound , and while I was initially disappointed that they were not as dark as (or darker than ) my Mauriat 66 and 67 (which are the darkest horns I have tried) , I have to say that I have grown into the horns and find that I like their sound much better than most modern or vintage horns I have tried.

Granted, it comes without saying that the c# and g# do not feel as seamless for rapid playing as modern keywork, but I may just take advantage of some of the techs that claim to be able to modernize those table keys a bit. The tone is really just gorgeous and does not feel so “dead perfect” in intonation that it feels soulless , but is still in tune with a core that is quite lush. And despite the c# and g# they are still quite responsive and fast...

I was just talking on a Martin Facebook page that part of the reason for this different sound has to do with smaller tone holes — which Is a subject I had never come across. Can anyone speak to this at all? I do know that most modern saxes are modeled after a certain French vintage to a degree, but I am curious if the main reason I cannot seem to find a modern sax with this type of sound can indeed be attributed to the tone hole size as opposed to other factors...
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