Review: Stan Getz Columbia box set. 1970s output

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Review: Stan Getz Columbia box set. 1970s output

Post by SeñorLarrango » Tue Nov 19, 2019 7:49 am

So I finally got around to buying this box set used off eBay. I contains no less than 5 Getz records that were missing from my Getz collection. I should not have waited this long. This is an fabulous array of styles including some very very contemporary almost "smooth" jazz stuff, all with Stan's towering genius fully on display. His playing in the 70's was outrageously good, there is not a bad recording in this entire box.

The music is truly revelatory and these remasters... wow! Vast Vast improvement over the 3 CDs I already have when listening side by side, there is really no comparison. A fantastic job was done on these. They music is crystal clear and the mixes are just about perfect.

This is from Steve Leggett on Allmusic: "With his beautiful, Lester Young-inspired tone, his grace with a melody, and his willingness to gently push boundaries, tenor saxophonist Stan Getz was known as "The Sound" for good reason. Coming to fame with the Woody Herman band in the '40s, he held his own through both the swing and bebop eras, then found renewed commercial success in the early '60s when a João Gilberto collaboration, "The Girl from Ipanema," was a big hit and ushered in a bossa nova boom. Getz loved playing with bold young players like Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke, and he didn't shy away from new technology, championing the Echoplex for a time. This wonderful set includes the albums he recorded for Columbia Records between 1972 and 1979 (most of which he produced himself), as well as the soundtrack LP to a Dutch film called Forest Eyes from 1979, and a bonus disc of Getz at Carnegie Hall for the 40th anniversary of the Woody Herman band that also includes live sets from the 1977 Montreux Jazz and the 1979 Havana Jam festivals. It's beautifully packaged, and Getz is Getz throughout."

This is a somewhat overlooked part of Getz' discography. I would try to score a copy of this ASAP as it seems to be OOP now. You cannot go wrong with this.
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Re: Review: Stan Getz Columbia box set. 1970s output

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I love his stuff from that era. Captain Marvel and Best of Both Worlds are very different but both so great.

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